Naomi King is an all-around artist based in Vancouver, Canada. They specialize in music (producing, songwriting), tattooing, digital art, writing (novels, screenplays), film (acting, directing, editing), and photography.
By blood, Naomi is half Canadian (as in European) and half Filipino. They were born in Amstelveen, Holland.
When Naomi was one, their family moved to Tokyo, Japan where they lived for five-and-a-half years. They started learning piano in Japan.
Then they moved to Sydney, Australia, where Naomi started learning the violin.
Naomi's family then moved back to Amstelveen, Holland, where Naomi started learning guitar. This was when Naomi started songwriting.
Then they moved to Chennai, India for one year before moving to Singapore when Naomi was twelve.
Naomi attended middle and high school in Singapore (however they did get kicked out of their first high-school for being a stubborn, trouble-causing delinquent). They finished their studies at a different high school, which they describe as being "the best thing that ever happened" because it was significantly more relaxed, and it allowed Naomi to really start writing and recording their music.
Their entire last year of high school, the only people that knew Naomi went there were the people who were in their classes. Because during recess and lunch, Naomi was either in the library writing books, the art room drawing, or the music rooms composing.
Naomi made a YouTube channel in 2011 to post their original music. It has since gained over 125 thousand subscribers, and over 15 million views.
After high school, Naomi worked to save up and move overseas to pursue their career. This was when they learned to tattoo, getting into the industry.
Naomi then moved back to Sydney, Australia on their own and lived there for two years before moving to Vancouver, Canada.
Naomi has written a few screenplays and is currently working on their epic fantasy series, Azheek. They originally were writing it as books, with the intention to eventually have it on screen, but decided to skip the middle-man and is now writing it directly as screenplays. They intend on having six seasons written before pursuing further action.
Since moving to Vancouver, Canada, Naomi has acted in a few TV shows and movies such as 'The Flash', 'A Million Little Things', indie films 'Party Stories' and 'We Don't Say', and the upcoming 'Wu Assasins' and 'Little Fish'.
In addition to their creativity and constant onslaught of creative work, Naomi is known for their straight-forward, no-bullshit attitude. The term Naomi hears most is "free spirit".
Naomi has zero problems, and zero boundaries, when it comes to talking about the troubles they have faced in pursuing their dreams, as well as anxiety, depression, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, Aspergers, and the struggles of psychologically abusive relationships and sexual abuse. They are a strong advocate for peace and love for all, no matter what religion, sexual preference, gender, race, or species.
Naomi is open about their mental "illnesses" as well as the plethora of other medical issues they have been dealing with since birth; hypo-thyroidism and hypo-gonadism to start.
They are also outspoken about being nonbinary, pan-romantic and asexual, as well as their feminism and veganism.

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