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Naomi King is an artist, musician, author, and actor based in Vancouver, Canada.


With a Filipino mother and Canadian father, Naomi was born in Amstelveen, Holland. They grew up moving from country to country; from the Netherlands to Japan to Australia, India, and then Singapore. While the world kept changing, one thing stayed the same. Naomi's creativity.


As an indie singer and musician, Naomi writes all their own music; recording, producing, mixing, and mastering everything on their own. They began recording their music in their teens and have since released over twenty albums. Their upcoming album, Black Water, will be coming out early 2024.


At age nineteen, Naomi began their tattoo career. First picking up the machine in Singapore, they then continued to tattoo for two years in Sydney, Australia before moving to Vancouver, Canada. They have an art studio at home and is a resident guest artist at The Copper Craken Tattoo Emporium in Squamish.

Naomi would like to acknowledge that Vancouver is situated on the unceded traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.

Naomi has published two books as of 2021, and has more on the way. Their first, Advice For When You Feel Like Shit, was a casual and autobiographical self-help book. It originally began as a YouTube series, which Naomi then adapted so they could further delve into the topics touched on in their videos.


Their second, Azheek: The Rising, is the first instalment in an epic fantasy series. From a deep, complex, culturally-rich world, to an entirely new language created for the book, to loveable characters you want to hang out with. The Rising has been praised for its character work, epic fight scenes, and surprisingly steamy moments.


As an actor, Naomi is known for their role as Quinn in Coyote Creek Christmas (Hallmark), and Cara from Two Sentence Horror Stories (The CW). They will appear in an upcoming project due to release in early 2024.


Naomi is an advocate for mental health, having zero problems and boundaries when it comes to talking about the troubles they have faced. Anxiety, depression, PTSD, CPTSD, and bipolar 1. They are open and honest about their struggles with psychologically abusive relationships, and sexual trauma. They are a strong advocate for peace and love for all, no matter what religion, sexual preference, gender, race, or species.

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