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Naomi King is a creator based in Vancouver, Canada, specializing in music (producing, songwriting), tattooing, digital art, writing, acting, film, modelling, and photography.
By blood, Naomi is half Canadian (as in European) and half Filipino. They were born in Amstelveen, Holland.
At one year old, their family moved to Tokyo, Japan where they lived for five and a half years. Then, Sydney, Australia for two, back to Holland for two, and then India for one. All the while, Naomi was leaning piano, violin, and guitar, and started song-writing at nine years old.
They lived in Singapore for seven years after that, which was where they began posting their music online.
Naomi made a YouTube channel in 2011 and started posting their original songs. It has since gained over 124 thousand subscribers and over 15 million views.
Shortly after graduating high school, Naomi learned to tattoo, and moved back to Sydney, Australia for two more years, where they continued tattooing and working on their music.
Naomi has since been living in Vancouver, Canada.
In addition to their constant onslaught of creative work, Naomi is known for their straight-forward, no-bullshit attitude. The term Naomi hears most is "free spirit".
Naomi has zero problems, and zero boundaries, when it comes to talking about the troubles they have faced in pursuing their dreams, as well as anxiety, depression, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, Aspergers, and the struggles of psychologically abusive relationships and sexual abuse. They are a strong advocate for peace and love for all, no matter what religion, sexual preference, gender, race, or species.
Naomi is open about their mental "illnesses" as well as the plethora of other medical issues they have been dealing with since birth; hypo-thyroidism and hypo-gonadism to start.
They are also outspoken about being nonbinary, pan-romantic and asexual, as well as their feminism and veganism.
In 2018, Naomi began a YouTube series called "Advice For When You Feel Like Shit" and has since turned it into a book where they can explore every topic deeper, longer, and harder.
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