M U S I C   V I D E O S

Naomi produces, writes, performs, records, and mixes all their own music (apart from a few bass tracks here and there). They do so all from their music studio at home. In total, they have released twenty-four albums and two EPs (one under the band name Outrun The Voices). Naomi also does livestreams on Instagram and Twitch to interact with fans and play song requests.
Naomi began writing music when they were nine years old. At around fifteen, they made a YouTube channel and started posting their original songs. It wasn't until Naomi was eighteen did they start properly recording their music. Their first album, Bedroom Records, was released in 2011.
Because Naomi has always recorded their music independently, you can hear the development as the songs progress. You can hear the evolving songwriter, producer, audio engineer, and even the evolving human being behind the songs. This, Naomi quite enjoys. The first thirteen albums were all acoustic, as Naomi did not have the means to record electric. Then, they bought some new gear and started recording their music electric, however they admit that they had no idea what they were doing, and you can hear it. But it's in hearing the recording quality improve over time that makes Naomi (and their fans) proud.
Naomi re-records and re-releases one or two old songs on every new album to revive the material.
All albums are available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, BandCamp, and other mainstream platforms.
In 2016, Naomi founded the band Outrun the Voices. They played various shows around Vancouver, Canada and played Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia shortly before they split. Naomi released the EP '7PM' after the split.


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