Naomi has been tattooing for six years and has worked in Singapore, Australia, and is now based in Vancouver, Canada. Their style lies somewhere between neo traditional and realism, with bold lines, realistic shading, and vivid colours.

A bit of a spiritual, vegan, hippy nudist themselves, Naomi's love for the beauty in humans, animals, and nature can be seen in their work. They love tattooing mystic beauties, honouring the balance between the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

They're also a huge fan of game art due to the vivid and wild nature of every character, story, and world created in game.

Naomi encourages their clients to make a Pinterest board for their larger pieces. The more reference the merrier! Naomi doesn't just concentrate on the appearance of a piece, but the feeling. Expect to be asked what the piece means to you, how it all ties into your life, and your own personal history.

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If you are concerned about the pain of getting a tattoo, you may use tattoo numbing cream.

Instructions on how to apply are on the F.A.Q page!