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How do I get tattooed?

Easy! Email Naomi through the contact form on the contact page and they'll help you set up a free consultation to discuss, plan, and book your tattoo. Please include your ideas for the piece, placement, and size.

How do I prepare for a tattoo?

Don't turn up drunk or hungover. That's the most important thing. Make sure you're well rested and well fed, and bring with you some snacks or a sugary drink to keep your blood sugars up through the tattoo. It's also a good idea to moisturize the area you're getting tattooed the few days before your appointment to make sure the skin is healthy!

How much will my tattoo be?

There's no way to give an accurate quote until you come in for your consultation. It all depends on what you're getting, where, how much detail there is, if it's black and grey or colour, etc etc etc.

Consultations are free, after which a $100 deposit is required to book appointments. Naomi's rate is $200 an hour.

What is your cancellation policy? Can I get my deposit back?

Deposits are non-refundable, so make sure you're committed to the tattoo before booking in. Deposits are non-refundable due to the nature of the artist putting in the time and effort  to design the tattoo, regardless of whether or not you get it done.

Cancellations and no-shows take up appointment time that could have been somebody else's.

What about re-scheduling?

Re-scheduling isn't a problem at all, just give Naomi at least 48 hours notice to do so!

Is your ink vegan?

Yes! Naomi uses Eternal Ink, which is all vegan.

Do you tattoo minors?


What if I have my parent's consent?

Hey. Your parents don't get to decide what you do with your body. It's yours and yours alone, and only you can and should decide what you do with it. That being said, you should wait until you're at least 18 years old before making a permanent change to it.

Do you tattoo without ID?

Nope. All persons are required to bring government-issued photo ID to their appointments, or they won't get tattooed. It needs to have your name, photo, and birth date. No ID, no tattoo!

How do I take care of a tattoo?

All your questions will be answered on the Aftercare page!

Can I use numbing cream?

Yes! Naomi highly recommends using Zensa Numbing Cream. They personally use it all the time.

If you are getting a tattoo in a sensitive area, or over scarred skin, this will help. In addition, some people who have experienced physical trauma in the past (Naomi included) can get triggered by the pain and trauma of getting a tattoo. If this happens to you, or if you are afraid of this happening, don't be hesitant to try numbing cream.

How do I apply numbing cream?

Instructions are on their website, however Naomi recommends a slightly longer wait time. Naomi recommends applying a decent layer of the cream, wrapping it with plastic wrap (so it doesn't evaporate and has nowhere to go but into your skin), and leaving it on for at least one hour. If you are getting a large piece that will take a longer amount of time, or have generally tougher skin that may not absorb the cream as easily, you can take the wrap off after one hour, apply another layer, and then re-wrap and let sit for one more hour.

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